Permanent Makeup Cosmetics By New Finish Ink

Refinishing your beauty, permanently....…

Preparation and Post Procedure

An initial consultation is very important. During this consultation, I will take a medical history survey, evaluate your health, review the choice of pigment shades available, and help you choose the shade that suits you best.
For any procedure involving the eye, contact lenses and make-up should not be worn the day of the procedure and transportation should be arranged. I may also recommend that a skin patch test be performed.
After the procedure, you may experience swelling or tenderness at the pigmented site. The pigmented site should be kept moist for a period of five to seven days. You may be advised to apply a greasy ointment or dressing to the site. You should also avoid sun, and may be advised to wear sunscreen on the pigmented site. With eye procedures, you should avoid placing cosmetics on the pigmented site and you may be asked to forgo wearing contact lenses for a few days.
Possible side effects may include infection, swelling, bruising, rash, tenderness, and a reaction to the pigment or anesthesia.