Permanent Makeup Cosmetics By New Finish Ink

Refinishing your beauty, permanently....…

Consult and Treatments for Permanent Makeup

Before Treatment
A full and in depth consultation is carried out at the time of your appointment to understand your skin suitability and realistic expectations of permanent make-up. All colors and shapes are customized to each person! I will always draw on first to make sure this is YOUR desired shape, no surprises! . A consent form will be filled out to ensure we have all the medical information necessary for the procedure. Your photo will be taken and we will apply topical anesthetic cream to start you're numbing process so you will be comfortable during the procedure. and the initial measurements will be marked and drawn on first to make sure this is YOUR desired shape and get your approval before we start.

During Treatment
A topical anesthetic will be re-applied during procedure keeping you comfortable. A fine needle with the use of a top of the trade computerized machine will be used to implant the dermatologically tested and state of the art pigments into the skin (NOT body art inks as they are not fit for a natural look on the face)

After Treatment
When the treatment is finished some after care cream will be applied. You will be advised on after care and will be given an after care leaflet. The treatment area may feel sensitive. With eye liner or lip treatments you may have some swelling which should settle down within a few hours.

Follow Up Treatment
You will be booked in for your follow up treatment to complete the final adjustments. This will ensure that your enhancement will be beautiful. Your follow-up appointment can be any time between 6-8 weeks from your initial treatment.

Two Different Approaches to Eyebrow Enhancement

There are two different approaches to "eyebrow design:" brow enhancement and total brow creation. The approach is not a choice but instead, is based on the existing condition of the client's eyebrows.

Brow enhancement is the process of designing a pair of eyebrows using the rules of proper eyebrow placement and subjective esthetic input, in conjunction with the existing eyebrow shape and arch as guidelines. Brow enhancement is performed when the client has enough existing eyebrow hairs so we can clearly see the natural line of the eyebrow and its arch.

After identifying the ideal beginning and ending points, the existing eyebrow can be added to or subtracted from to bring about the desired result. Working with the existing eyebrow will create less upkeep for you in the way of hair removal and fill-in.
Total brow creation is the process of designing a pair of eyebrows by creating an entirely new eyebrow shape based on the rules of proper eyebrow placement and subjective esthetic input. I would work with this approach if you have few or no existing brow hairs with which to work.

Men can do it too!

Who says men can't have their eyes done? Whether we realize it or not, the appearance of a lash line is just as much of an attraction factor for men as it is for women! Dark eyelashes imply youth and good health, so why not enhance yours? The results can be so natural no one will ever know you had it done. A little change can go a long way!