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Durability of Permanent Makeup

All Clients want to know about the durability of the treatment, that is, how long the color will stay intense or last. As we all know, the color of permanent makeup will fade over the years. The rate at which this fading happens involves the product that is used and the technique of the permanent makeup artist. A rule of thumb is the older, drier, and thinner the skin is, the longer the procedure will stay. On the other hand, the younger, oiler, and thicker the skin is, the shorter the life span of the treatment will be. The darker the colors are, the longer life of the result will be.


  • Guyliner is becoming very popular, thanks to men like Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies and by Pete Wentz, a member of the band "Fall Out Boy." #Guyliner is exactly what it sounds like: eyeliner for men. Use these tips to successfully wear this increasingly popular trend.
  • Purchase black eyeliner. Unlike women, who can choose a rainbow of eyeliner shades, men should stick to basic black eyeliner.
  • Start with a black pencil eyeliner. Pencil eyeliners are softer and more forgiving of mistakes than the liquid eyeliners. Once you master putting on #guyliner, you can switch to liquid eyeliner.
  • Brace your arm against a bathroom counter and lean in very close to the mirror. Steady your hand, as applying eyeliner with a shaky hand will not create the desired result.
  • Outline your eyes, top and bottom, making the line thick. Feel free to go all the way up both corners.
  • Smudge the eyeliner upwards and outwards with your finger or a professional smudger to give it a smudged and less perfect look.
  • Practice makes perfect. Even women who have been wearing eyeliner for years can mess up the application. Have make-up remover available the first few times you put on your guyliner. Expect to remove and reapply it a few times to get it correct.