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Choose Wisely.....Las Vegas Permanent Makeup

The name of this blog will be called….Choose Wisely.

Today I was looking at other artist's work here in Las Vegas and I came across a post from someone I follow and the post kinda took me by surprise a little. She says to do your homework and choose wisely. When I read it , it gave me flashbacks of when I entered the beauty industry and a direct competitor said the same thing which was meant to be a slight against my upstart business at the time.

Personally I would never put down another artist work in the same market that I am in. I respect other artist too much for that. We are all in the same industry to make men and women feel good about themselves. When I see post like this it lets me know that you are aware of whats happening and what is coming. So I take it as a compliment really. Yes……please…choose wisely. People like many styles and don't just choose one style or just like one artist. I give free consultation all the time and I ask them what brought them to me. I get many different answers. Some people have gone to several of the permanent makeup businesses here in vegas and they didn't like there work. I imagine it will happen to New Finish Ink as well.

I live this art and I don't spend time tearing down other artist work. I'm honored to work with all my current clients and future clients to come. Thank you for reading this and Happy Holidays to everyone.