Permanent Makeup Cosmetics By New Finish Ink

Refinishing your beauty, permanently....…

We strive to give my clients quality personalized service in a clean and relaxing environment.   We work closely with my clients to insure that they receive their desired results.  We endeavor to make their experience relaxing and stress free.  We have a private studio to ensure a restful experience with no distractions. Drawing the shapes carefully, choosing the best pigment color, listening to customers preferences, and dedication in each needle stroke. These steps are important to please my customers. Growing up I always knew I would be an artist, but I never thought I would be working on a live canvas. This is how we approach each woman's eyeliner, eyebrows, lips, areola or scar camouflage….As a piece of art. No two women are exactly the same and your own natural beauty is where we find a perfect balance for subtle enhancements. Permanent Cosmetics is a passion of mine has truly been a joy in my life.